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Gambino's began in the middle of the 20th century with only one goal; to provide New Orleanians alike with the finest of confections and treats using traditional methods which set Gambino's apart from all other bakeries.  Years later, Gambino's began to incorporate its Sicilian heritage and knowledge of other fine foods and started producing various olive, pickled peppers, and vegetable products and a New Orleans staple, French bread.


Today, Gambino's remains family owned and operated.  Continuing to use old-world craftsmanship combined with new technologies and efficiencies, Gambino's has stayed true to its heritage, never getting too big for itself or it's valued customers.


Consider using Gambino's and bring authentic New Orleans and the city's rich Italian and Sicilian roots in flavor into your kitchen today.  Gambino's never forgot where it came from and 60 years later, Gambino's remains as such knowing only one thing: We combine the freshest ingredients with our experience and knowledge to produce a product that is unique in its own way, and we provide it to people who are looking for something unique and special.