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Breaking bread never tasted as good as the fresh breads baked by Gambino's.  Our French bread is crisp on the outside with a flaky, paper thin crust, and is light on the inside, as only real New Orleans French bread should be.  Gambino's uses only the finest ingredients in our tried and proven traditional recipes and we pride ourselves on the consistency and quality of our French bread that is now being served in nearly 40 states across the country today.


After baking, Gambino's French bread immediately undergoes a freezing process that locks in the bread's unmistakable flavor and texture.  This process gives Gambino's French bread many advantages over any other French bread.  One great advantage of this process is once Gambino's French bread begins to thaw, the bread releases its unique fresh baked aroma leaving some to think it's just been pulled from your oven.

Traditionally used for a New Orleans original sandwich, the "po-boy", Gambino's French bread may also be used for a variety of applications from crostini, bruschetta, bread pudding, French toast, or simply dressed up with your choice of cheeses and seasonings.

When using Gambino's French bread for po-boys, we suggest lightly toasting the bread.  This only adds to the unique character of the bread, crisping it up for a light flaky bite.


Gambino's is honored to have been able to continue to provide their customers with real New Orleans French bread for generations and will continue to do such without ever compromising quality, taste, or consistency for years to come.


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