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An ancient fruit, the olive is grown throughout the world. At Gambino's, we pride ourselves on hand selecting only the highest of quality olives from around the most fertile regions. Those olives that do not meet our standards are discarded and sold to other manufacturers.

In certain areas of Spain and Sicily, the soil, sun, temperature and rainfall combine to create a magnificent olive. In these regions, family growers produce olives in the old world tradition - green olives just right for the Gambino family recipes.


We use 100% extra virgin olive oil from Sicily and prefer domestic black olives and include fresh carrots, celery, and cauliflower grown in California. We use whole queen olives for our olive salads.



Our Itailian olive salads are made from authentic Gambino family recipes handed down for generations. Our salads are versatile - perfect for vegetarian pizzas, as an unexpected addition to any salad or pasta dish, an ideal marinade for chicken, pork or beef and most commonly used to top off the muffuletta.


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