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The Perfect Gambino's Muffuletta PDF Print E-mail

         Born in a city where the food is as diverse as the people and their culture, the rich and flavorful muffuletta (pronounced Moof-u-letta) delights and surprises all who taste it. Originally created in New Orleans, the word muffuletta derives from an old Sicilian word "muffa", which describes a large, round, dense bread that is stuffed with assorted meats and cheeses. The muffuletta today contains the same assortment of meats and cheeses but includes the delectable Gambino’s Italian olive salad, without which the ideal sandwich is not complete.  


          Gambino’s Italian olive salad, whose main ingredients are the green olives which we import from the coasts of Spain and Sicily, contains the freshest of vegetables, from celery and cauliflower to carrots and black olives. Top this exquisite olive salad over layers of ham, salami, and provolone cheese to create this savory treat known as the muffuletta. As for the foundation of this immense yet easily portioned sandwich is the muffuletta bread itself. The bread originates with a very traditional Italian bread making process that forms a soft dense interior surrounded by a golden brown crust covered with sesame seeds.


          Word of this famous New Orleans muffuletta sandwich is spreading to all corners of America. The secret to the best muffuletta is of course Gambino’s Italian Olive Salad and Gambino’s muffuletta bread. Get ahead of the trend and start serving this treat to your customers today.


Make The Perfect Muffuletta


Follow these steps to make a real New Orleans style muffuletta


What you will need:


-          Gambino’s muffuletta bread, (available in cocktail, 5”, 8”, and 9” sizes).


-          Gambino’s Italian olive salad, (available in three flavors; traditional Italian, original with peperoncini, and jalapeno).


-          Your choice of ham or mortadella. (amount will vary depending on what size bread you use and how much you would like to use)


-          Your choice of salami, cotto and/or Genoa. (amount will vary depending on what size bread you use and how much you would like to use)


-          Provolone cheese. (amount will vary depending on what size bread you use and how much you would like to use)


-          A serrated knife to slice bread.


-          A colander or strainer to drain olive salad.





1-     Drain Gambino’s Italian olive salad from the oil it is packed in. Save the oil for further use.


2-     Horizontally slice the muffuletta bread in half.


3-     Layer ham or mortadella in a circular pattern to cover bottom half of bread.


4-     Layer salami in same circular pattern on top of ham.


5-     Generously spread Gambino’s Italian olive salad on top of salami, covering as much as you can.


6-     Layer provolone cheese in a circular pattern covering all of the olive salad.


7-     To serve hot, simply open face toast the sandwich in an oven at 275 degrees Fahrenheit for roughly 12 to 15 minutes or until provolone cheese is melted to your liking.


8-     Slice muffuletta in half and/or quarters and enjoy!